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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 is now available.

If you've been waiting until the official release, your wait is over! Ubuntu 10.10 final is now ready for download at Ubuntu.com to download a the disk image or if you already are running it, then go to Update Manager to get this new version.


Browse the web:
Ubuntu includes Mozilla Firefox – for fast, safe web browsing. You can also choose alternative browsers including Google Chromium from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Create professional documents and presentations:
Ubuntu has Open Office which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and has everything you need to create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Get all the software that you will ever need:
 Ubuntu Software Centre gives you instant access to thousands of open-source and carefully selected free and purchasable applications.

Email and Chat:
Ubuntu has Evolution email which provides an easy and intuitive eamil client as well as Empathy a chat utility that quickly integrates with Yahoo, Gmail,Jabber, MSN, AOL and many more chat clients.

Be Social:
Ubuntu's new Me Menu lets you access your Facebook and Twitter accounts straight from the desktop. You can connect to all your favourite chat channels and make updates through a single window.

Music streaming:
Ubuntu's music player includes an integrated store, so you can buy and download new tracks with just a few clicks. And thanks to Ubuntu One's file-syncing magic you can stream your music uninterrupted to your Android device or iPhone.

 Photo editing:
Ubuntu has lots of  apps to help you manage, fix and share your photos with the world. Included are apps like Gimp, Flickr and Shotwell.

Ubuntu One:
Ubuntu One allows you have your own personal cloud service that simplifies your digital life. Imagine buying music and getting it delivered to the computers of your choice. Or synchronising your files and notes and accessing them from anywhere. Or consolidating your computer and mobile phone contacts and safely sharing documents and pictures with them.

Edit video like the pros:
 Play your own videos with Movie Player or use Pitivi to edit your videos.PiTiVi's user interface is carefully designed to suit both the newcomer and the professional, to be efficient and intuitive.

The Ubuntu Software Centre has hundreds of free games, including puzzles, adventures, tactical and more.

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