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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The use of mobile apps far outweighs the surfing of the web for smartphone users.

A surprising study done by Nielsen shows that consumers use mobile apps more than they surf the web when using smart phones. By analyzing the data gathered from thousand of iOS and Android users Neilsen discovered that the average user spent 56 minutes a day interacting with the web. Of that time they spent 67% of the time using web apps and only 33% of the time on mobile web browsers.

Even more surprising was that the top 10 applications for the Android accounted for 43% of the application usage, while the top 50 apps accounted for 61% of this usage. This left the other 250,000+ apps to compete for the remaining 39% of application usage.

This study makes it interesting for Libraries and other businesses that are trying to decide on making an application or a mobile website for their online users as the study clearly points to the consumer preference of using mobile applications over a mobile website. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Day Made out of Glass

Corning really pulled out all of the stops for this future technology demo. Take a look for yourself as this *is* the future of our technological lives is this video called "A Day Made of Glass".