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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hotspot Shield - Surf the web anonymously!

Hotspot Shield is a private VPN service that will secure your Internet connection from prying eyes and helps to protect your identity while you are on-line by encrypting all of your web browsing. It works by turning all of your HTTP traffic into HTTPS making each site as secure as your banking website.  It is a must-have for anyone who connects to an open wireless network as it would protect from man-in-the-middle attacks and allows you to browse the web privately. It also protects you from viruses, phishing and spam sites as well as malware sites by detecting and blocking infected websites. This software is browser independent so it works with all browsers and in my testing I found that it didn’t slow down my Internet connection (like a lot of other VPN or proxy sites do), in fact it almost seemed faster in accessing certain sites.

The biggest advantage for me was that I could now access web TV stations and networks (NBC, CBC, etc.) that I couldn’t before as they would not allow Canadian’s to view their content. Now if I missed a show and want to catch up on it on-line, I simple turn on the protection and I am given an IP address that makes me appear as if I am living in San Jose, California. Now I never have to miss a show and I now have access to tons of TV programs that I never had before.

You can download a trial version of the software from their website (http://www.hsselite.com/) or from CNET (http://www.cnet.com/1770-5_1-0.html?query=hotspot+shield&tag=srch). I loved this program so much that after the trial period was over, I paid for a one year membership $29.95 which gives you the Elite version which is faster than the trial version and includes all of the virus and malware protection.  So if you use a wireless laptop to access the Internet or you just want to surf the web anonymously then this is the program for you. I highly recommend it! 

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