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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Windows Explorer crashes when you right click on a drive.

I just suddenly started to have an issue with Windows 7 in that when I right clicked in Windows Explorer (see picture) Explorer would crash and need to be restarted. 

I checked for an online solution but couldn't find one so I dug out a shell viewing program called ShellExView. This program will show you all the details on every shell extensions that are installed on your computer. To find that one shell extension that was causing my issue, I ran ShellExView.exe and then went to OPTIONS and selected Filter by extension.

and then selected only Context Menu. 

Now all of the shell extensions that were related to the Context Menu will be shown. I then disabled each extension one at a time and then tested to see if I could right click on the drive in Windows Explorer to see if it would not crash. After trying several extensions I finally found the one that was causing the problem. It ended up be the Nvidia control panel extension that was causing this issue. This is apparently a common issue with the latest version of drivers for Nvidia graphics cards and can be fixed by following the procedure that I have explained above by disabling the Nvidia CPL Context Menu Extention (see picture below) or you can simply download this registry edit file for Windows 7 that will fix this issue (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK). The only problem with disabling the Nvidia control panel is that it will no longer show up when you right click on the desktop, but you can still find the Nvidia control panel in Windows Control Panel so it is not a loss. 

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